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    How to gain Adena for BETA

    Adena is the in gain MAIN currency for Lineage II. It is hard to get but with this VERY VERY short guide, you can get BILLIONS in a matter of minutes.

    First: Get a character up to level 95. It can be ANY CLASS you want. (Note: You can even be support/healer but will take longer)
    Second: Get R95-gear. BETA give you free 5000 'Hero Coins' that will be a currency for the server.
    Third: As of NOW, there is no quick way to get the the area about to be said so make sure you use the horse summon skill.
    Fourth: Head over to Crypts of Disgrace in Schuttgart area.
    Fifth: Once there, open you map and RUN to Raiders Crossroads.
    Sixth: Once there, hunt down the Merchants there.
    Mob here don't hit hard so you will be able to get adena fast. (Note: The Merchants don't run away, they come to you and they will FIGHT YOU)

    There you go.
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    You just wait until I finish their AIs

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    orc village
    normal tp

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